My Gecko is Sick! - It's baaaaaack!

Malal Yousafzai My friend Lisa Wong and I have revived our shared sketchblog My Gecko is Sick.

"Like Lisa mentioned in our previous post, we recently came across this article: 

In response to this depressing lack of representation of an entire gender in media, we wanted our next theme to be a series of images highlighting great female heroines, both real and fictional.

Malala Yousafzai was just in the news again yesterday, speaking out for the first time since her attempted assassination by the Taliban for her belief and fight for the education of girls.  (Really?  Why are the Taliban so frightened of a 15 year old girl?)  Undeterred, Malala is starting a fund to continue to champion the right of girls to receive a education in Pakistan.

If this isn’t incredible bravery I don’t know what is."