Sweet, Sweet Paul

I have a strange fascination with Paul Williams. But it's time-specific Paul Williams. It must be the Paul Williams from the '70s, when his straw-blond hair was shoulder length, his face round and pudgy, his wire-rim glasses finishing the frame, along with the outrageous shirt lapels.

I first was exposed to this wee man on the Muppet Show in my youth, and was instantly horrified and fascinated with the way he looked. He would play piano and sing songs, but it was wholly his appearance that would captivate me. He was absolutely frightening, and yet, I couldn't look away. I still don't understand why he has this effect on me. It's kind of like slowing down to stare at a terrible car crash when you're on the freeway. You know it's horrific and terrifying, but you're still drawn in by what you find perverse and disturbing.