Mozart and the Arts

Above is a sample of Mozart's first composition. Now, it's written that Mozart first began composing at the age of three. (!!!) I'm not sure if the above is really an example of this, but it is well documented that Mozart was already able to play the piano incredibly well by the age of 5.

Everyday now, you hear about school closures on the news. If an entire school is not to be shut down, often classes are cut. And the first classes to be cut are those that involve music and art. It's shameful that arts and culture are considered so utterly disposable in this society. So when you discover that someone out there who has the means, is willing to donate substantial sums to the arts and give students scholarships, you stop for a moment and breathe deeply. Thank god not everyone in this country is willing to trash such fundamentals of education. Even if the focus of Nahum Guzik's philanthropy is on students in a different country, it gives me hope that people will read his story and be inspired to work to a similar cause here, where it is desperately needed.