The Sippy Cups website illustration

I recently had the pleasure of designing some website illustrations for a great local SF rock band for kids, The Sippy Cups.  Their new website is finally up and live on the web, and you can check out all the cool stuff right here, as well as check out some of my art that's all over the site.

I got to hear one of The Sippy Cups live shows last fall, at an outdoor celebration concert for the grand opening of the new Academy of Science in San Francisco.  What's great about the Sippy Cups is that their songs not only cater to kids, but are really enjoyable for the parents and adults as well.  They definitely don't have that super-saccharine Barney-thing going on.  Musically they're fun and eclectic with a whimsical-punk style, and they even do cover songs of the Ramones and Queen!  All kid-friendly, of course, but super fun for the adults in the crowd.  Plus their live show is incredibly fun and entertaining with an almost circus-like zaniness.

I've updated my site to include some of these Sippy Cups website illustrations, so please feel free to take a peek here!