Pheon Avatars

The world of Pheon, an alternate-reality game sponsored by the Smithsonian, was once a pure world where the balance of science, art, and technology triumphed in supreme unity and clarity.  However, when humans were allowed to enter Pheon and mingle amongst it's perfection, a select few Pheonites were not so pleased. In an arrogant bid to lock out his perfect world to humans, the young and handsome General Farben Vidar cast a spell.  But the spell backfired and instead hobbled the world of Pheon, splitting it into factions of warring Knaves and Staves.  The spell also had the effect of mutilating the once beautiful and perfect face of General Vidar.

Pheon can only be healed with your help through gameplay (yes! start here!), and through the wily determination of Hans Ørsted, Christine de Pizan, and the unlikey young hero Eddie Wriggle.

Here are avatars I created for these characters.

Farben Vidar

Hans Ørsted

Christine de Pizan

Eddie Wriggle