Left handed gestures!

I've been taking a gesture drawing workshop with Alex Woo, Pixar story-artist extraordinaire.  What's really fantastic about this class, and also super challenging, is that Alex is teaching how to capture the gesture and not get caught up in the anatomy, or classicism, or realism.  What is the model "doing?"  How can you communicate the gesture quickly and effectively?  Simplify.  Exaggerate. It may seem easy to simplify but it's actually really challenging to switch off that classically trained part of the brain and get to the essence of the pose.  It's a whole new way of approaching drawing for me, and most importantly it's FUN!

Alex asked us to draw with our non-dominant hands for last night's session.  Oddly enough, it helped us remove the crutches we tend to rely on and made for better gesture capturing.  Some of these work better than others, but I thought I'd share some of my efforts, goofiness and all.