blank I've been lousy poster as of late. It started a little over a month ago when I came down with a nasty little bout of tonsillitis, and continued after I got better and busy with work.

Something big is in the works which I am grateful to have been asked to be a part of. It hasn't officially been announced yet, so I have to hold off on letting you in on the details. However, it's related to the photo above which is my blank canvas. Or blank paper to be precise about it. Not a great photo or anything, but you get the idea.

Preparing my paper/canvas for a painting or illustration is an exercise I really get into. There's something quietly serene and pure about cutting the paper, setting it to my board, taping the edges, and sizing it to paint on. It's become a little ritual, a little offering to the gods of creativity out there who I hope will lend me a little bit of their sugar. I'm hoping to show you what happens with this one soon. Hopefully when this whole thing is announced!