Slamdance 2005

Slamdance is one helluva time. Elegy screened in the Anarchy competition on three separate occasions, and got a great response from everyone who saw it. People really are taken with my character -- often people refer to his face and eyes as being especially emotive. It's a wonderful feeling to be stopped by some random couple on the street to tell me that they loved my piece, and were very moved by it. Sadly, it didn't get enough votes drummed up to win Global Anarchy. (It's up to us, after all, to push for the votes!) However, Slamdance is not a festival to let you down!

I do need to mention a couple fantastic films. On the Outs was absolutely phenomenal -- and won the grand jury prize for best narrative feature. And Abel Raises Cain, a fantastic and comic documentary which won it's juried competition. Keep an eye out for these jems!