Books from Wondercon

books.jpg A small listing of the books I picked up from this year's Con: • Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons 1 and 2 by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood. I love Ashley's meaty oils and gestural/dynamic panels in scratchy ink. Great texture. Plus it's about zombies and robots and amazons all fighting eachother! C'mon!

• Chris Sanders' Sketchbook 2 - full of his fantastic little critters and busty babes. Really, this guy is just an incredible draftsman!

• Claire Wendling's phenomenal work in drawers 2.0. Claire blows me away. She can draw her figures and animals like Frank Frazetta and also do concept work for animation and comics. I don't think her super simplified characters are as strong or interesting as her other work, but it's nice to have the entire gamut of her style in one book. I love, love, love her animals and figures. The gestures!

• Afterworks 1 and 2 - I was late on this bandwagon, but I got 'em now! Lovely work from the folks over at Pixar.

• Istanbul by Dupuy and Berberian. I couldn't pass this one up. A real lovely book of sketches of this incredible city. It's full of beautiful quick and whimsical studies of the architecture and people. Again, this is where my family is from, and the illustrator is Armenian. Yay!