It's been a couple years since I finished this project but I can finally talk about it!  I illustrated this comic book version of the classic story of Beowulf, being published by Heinemann for the educational market this year.  Specifically, it's the last in a series of stories aiming to help young, struggling students learn how to read. This was such a challenging project and so rewarding.  I'm thrilled I could be a part of a project that helps teach and foster a love of reading, and hopefully beyond that, a love of stories.

My art for Beowulf was accepted into the Society of Illustrators West, 52 exhibition.  Many thanks to art director and designer Dianne Cassidy and Kathy Reynolds for the opportunity to collaborate on such a fantastic project, and allowing me lots of freedom.

Below are the spreads for Beowulf, minus the text and bubbles.  Click on an image to enlarge.  Enjoy!