Mary Blair

montreal-april-12-mary-blair.jpg I just had a chance to check out the the animation design of Mary Blair over at the Cartoon Art Museum. I wasn't aware of Mary as one of the first women concept designers for Disney, or her work by itself. However, you instantly recognize her style, since her designs and color styles are distinctly apparent in such classics as Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Three Caballeros, and more. She designed the It's a Small World ride in Disneyland! You can't escape her work. We have all grown up with her style and whimsy, and I find myself smiling at images of her art that keep popping up in my mind. She managed to capture something iconic, full of warmth, surreal, and yet playful in her designs. I can only hope to try to emulate some her essence in my own work. Go check out the exhibit! It's up through March 18th, 2008.