Colorado Watercolors

Just returned last night from a gorgeous trip to Colorado for a friend's wedding.  My boyfriend and I had some time to go explore the epic mountain ranges over the few days we were there.  We stopped in San Miguel canyon for a breather where the rock walls were saturated a deep crimson from the iron in the earth oxidizing on the surface.  I can't even begin to show you how crazy beautiful Colorado is.


My filing cabinet was in dire need of a good clearing for quite some time and I finally tackled the challenge last week.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover this little old piece from back when I was a student at CCAC in the illustration program.

I believe this is a classmate, Ryan, who sat to pose for me while I drew him in pen.  Looks like I then laid some sepia washes down, along with a couple spots of more saturated orange and highlights.

I honestly can't remember what the Lumberjacks reference is about.  It shall remain a mystery...

Dr. Sketchy's

Last Saturday night I made it out to a figure drawing event put on by Dr. Sketchy's where the models dress up in all kinds of outrageously fun costumes.  This evening we had a sexy burlesque clown, and she was a fantastic and tasteful model. I was joined by my lovely artist friends, Lisa and Julia, and Julia's über-talented boyfriend, Jamie Baker. Here are a couple 20 minute poses and a 40 minute pose. Having taken Alex Woo's gesture class, I wanted to try to push the poses in certain instances.  I also wanted to play around with my new Pentel pocket brush pen!

Spring in Yosemite

Springtime in Yosemite is a quite a sight.  The massive snowstorms of this past season has led to a snowpack trembling under it's own weight, melting into a raging mass of water that tumbles over the edges of cliffs like geysers shooting sideways. So most of my weekend in Yosemite was spent hiking up slippery granite steps and trails to experience the gushing falls in all their springtime glory.  (And get thoroughly soaked in the process.)

I did, however, manage to sit myself down for a couple sketches later on in the week.  Here is Bridal Veil Falls.

And a fallen tree and some branches along the ground.

Bad Unkl Sista

I managed to make it to a figure drawing workshop last Friday called Metamorphica held by the San Francisco butoh group Bad Unkl Sista.  Really phenomenal costuming and makeup, and some contemporary neo-butoh performance thrown in for good measure. It was a bit of sensory overload but in an exciting way.  Truly a visual smorgasbord in a highly charged, creative atmosphere.  I have to say it was challenging to draw.  It had been some time since I did any figure drawing, and having the incredible costumes didn't exactly make the process easier.  It does, however, whet the appetite for more drawing opportunities like this.

Clicking on the picture will open the larger size.

Return of the Painted Lady

I'm starting to run into her more often in the mornings when I'm on my run. This is a super quick sketch when I got home, but her face is just so striking to me, I can't help it. All that makeup! I wonder where she's off to every morning? This morning she was all about the lavender jumpsuit, probably to celebrate spring. Stylin'! sketch053.jpg

Twyla at the Bank

This little girl was wandering around the bank while her mom was waiting in line in front of me. The cuteness was almost unbearable, she kept walking around and examining everything with her hands quite intently, and her nose was runny the whole time. When she took her hat off, the crazy case of hat-hair caught me off guard, with bits of her scalp peeking through her fine hair. The mom, by the way, was really awesome with her. I overheard her calling her Twyla. Had to try to get her down when I got home. sketch048.jpg

Mountain Lake Park

This beautiful park is just two blocks away from where I live, and a wondrous oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the Inner Richmond. It's a wonder there's a peaceful lake just a stone's throw away, where you can go and just let your thoughts be for a while. Gulls were abound today, and a few children on the playground. I like the big tree with the sign that greets you when you walk through. sketch047.jpg