Emerging Artists Exhibit - AGBU Young Professionals

Sorry for the lack of posts!  I've been super busy all year long with projects that I can't post about yet.  But I can tell you about a charity exhibit I'm participating in this weekend.

The Emerging Artists Exhibit is organized by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) and will be held at the SomArts Gallery in San Francisco.  Myself and 5 other artists representing different visual mediums will be showcasing our artwork throughout the weekend.

Opening night is Saturday, December 1st at 6pm.  The event is ticketed, $15 at the door, and all proceeds will benefit the Greenhouse Initiative Charity for Armenia.

Drop by if you're in town and want to help out a great cause!

Online bidding is open!

For the Totoro Forest Project!  Visit the website and start bidding away on all the fantastic art for this great cause!  Online bidding ends, I believe, Friday night, and the highest bid for each piece will be the starting bid for the final auction this Saturday night, Sept. 6th.  You may still end up with the piece you want even if you can't attend the auction in person!

Keep checking the official blog as the organizers are constantly updating with new information and showcasing many of the artists.

Totoro Auction tickets selling out!

Wow, so in three days $100, $200, and $500 dollar tickets to the charity auction at Pixar have already sold out! There's still time to snag tickets to the event, but seems like you'll have to be quick. $300 tickets are all that are left and I don't know how many. Click here for the site to get your tickets. All proceeds go to charity!

Also, the Totoro Forest Project has put up a blog to keep everyone updated.

Wordpress updated

Whew! Finally updated to the newer version of Wordpress. It's always a bit harrowing doing an update since I usually end up trying to fix some random part that gets broken along the way. But at least everything seems to be up and running smoothly. Please let me know if you notice something a little off. Should be getting some posts up soon!

Wondercon 2008

Yesterday I attended the geek-fest that is Wondercon in San Francisco. I'm definitely on the "artist-geek" end of things, but the "fan geeks" definitely make the event highly entertaining. I picked up some really great books which I'll talk about later. But first here are some pics from the day. These photos were taken with my phone, so apologies for the low quality. Some people really spend time making elaborate costumes. I don't even know who these characters are supposed to be. wingd duo

Ah, yes. Cobra Command! cobracommand.jpg

Again, I have no clue what character she's supposed to be. But it's cool!masked lady

Silent Hill was a pretty awful movie, but I loved the production design, and these evil characters. They were pretty memorable, and I was pleasantly surprised to see these two go through all the trouble of recreating them here. silent hill

Lou Ferrigno! The Original Hulk!!! I'm usually not so easily star-struck, but this guy made such a big impression on me when I was 5 years old and watching the Incredible Hulk on tv with my dad. He scared the living crap out of me back then, and I think also helped nurture my fascination with horror and all things scary. lou


Yes, yes, before any of you get on my back for not posting for 2, count 'em 2(!) years, I'm back on the ball again. I've deleted the horrendous amount of comment spam and am attempting to update Wordpress and fix the bugs that inevitably pop up with design and such. Things should slowly be coming together soon. Will be back! :)


Elegy will be showing at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival in Kalamazoo, MI, and the Antelope Valley Independent Film Festival just outside of Los Angeles. Both festivals are on the same weekend in May, the 13-15. Heather Blackmore, the short film coordinator for the Antelope Valley festival caught the screening of Elegy at South by Southwest in Austin, and invited me to screen at her festival. Very cool! Ever since Elegy received the Special Jury Award from SXSW, I've been getting invites to submit to several festivals, including Montreal and one in Paris.

Special Jury Award, Animation


Well, sorry for the delay in between posts. I just learned that Elegy won a Special Jury Award for Animation at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX! Unfortunately I missed the awards show, having left Austin that same morning. But what a fantastic time it was at the festival! Austin is a great town. Elements of it remind me of San Francisco -- namely the people and the the eclectic atmosphere. The festvial itself is very well known and regarded, so it's a fantastic honor to have my animation recognized by the jury. Check out the other winners!

Haig's Delicacies on Bay Area Backroads

My parents' specialty foods business, Haig's Delicacies, will be featured on Bay Area Backroads in a segment that highlights the unique shops on Clement Street in San Francisco. The segment airs on Friday, Feb. 18th at 10PM, and Sunday, Feb. 20th at 7PM, on channel 4, KRON.

Haig's Delicacies has been in San Francisco for almost 50 years and specializes in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, European, Indonesian, and Indian foods. For those of you in the Bay Area, please check out the program if you have a chance!